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My Agenda

April 13, 2011 2 comments

As I have presented my case to other’s I find that there is an open question. What do I want? I do want my case to be heard of course, and I hope for a favorable outcome. What I would like to see are some of the problems with the current system corrected. I have come up with an agenda of four key items I believe need to be changed in the Rent Stabilization Law’s and the DHCR. They are:

1. Abolish the four year rule.

2. All leases are to be accompanied by a rider setting out Tenants rights whether RC, RS or Free Market.

3. Landlords are to be prosecuted by the NYC District Attorney’s office when there is a case of Fraud.

4. DHCR to process cases within a three month window.

These are the key items. If you click on this link (Altschuler RSL Agenda) you will get a more thorough version with my reasoning for each item.


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Fear, Power and Ignorance

April 6, 2011 1 comment

Since putting up this blog I have spoken to many people about Rent Stabilization. I find there is a common thread in the relationship between Landlords and Tenants. This is fear, power and ignorance. Here is how I have seen this applied.

When you are looking for an apartment most people do not know to ask about an apartment’s Rent Stabilization Status. This is simple ignorance of the governing rules. Those that do know about Rent Stabilization might be leery of asking about an apartment’s status in fear of getting rejected as a potential tenant. Here we have fear. In both these situation the Landlord holds the power. Weather real or not you are asking a Landlord to deal with you fairly and in many cases the landlord chooses not to. They wield the power.

Whenever there is an imbalance of power in a relationship it is an open door for abuse. This is what I believe is the current atmosphere in NYC regarding the relationships between Landlords and Tenants.

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