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My Agenda

As I have presented my case to other’s I find that there is an open question. What do I want? I do want my case to be heard of course, and I hope for a favorable outcome. What I would like to see are some of the problems with the current system corrected. I have come up with an agenda of four key items I believe need to be changed in the Rent Stabilization Law’s and the DHCR. They are:

1. Abolish the four year rule.

2. All leases are to be accompanied by a rider setting out Tenants rights whether RC, RS or Free Market.

3. Landlords are to be prosecuted by the NYC District Attorney’s office when there is a case of Fraud.

4. DHCR to process cases within a three month window.

These are the key items. If you click on this link (Altschuler RSL Agenda) you will get a more thorough version with my reasoning for each item.


Let me know what you think via commenting on this post and my other posts by leaving a comment.

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  1. adam
    May 11, 2011 at 8:06 am

    hi lane, i don’t have yr email so i’m paste-ing in here the info for the o’donnell meeting thursday on rent regulation. this might be a good place to give yr proposals for regulation reform. hope to see you there. adam

    Dear Neighbors,

    As you may be aware, state laws governing rent regulation in New York City are set to expire this coming June 15th. Many of you have contacted me to express your great concern regarding this important issue, and I assure you that I share your concerns. For this reason, I am hosting an informational forum on rent regulation and tenant protections this coming Thursday, May 12th, at 8pm at Ascension Church, 221 W. 107th Street.

    At this event, you will learn about:

    – The current status of rent regulation in New York State
    – What was included in the omnibus tenant protection legislation passed by the Assembly
    – What you can do to help get this legislation signed into law and protect rent regulated tenants

    I hope to see you at this important event. Please feel free to share this with other individuals you think would be interested. If you would like fliers in English and/or Spanish, please respond to this email or contact my office at 212-866-3970.

    For more details, please see below.

    Very truly yours,

    Daniel O’Donnell
    Assembly Member

  2. May 11, 2011 at 9:18 am


    Thank you for the info. I will be there.


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